Only English version this time

On this self-titled debut album „The Fire Theft” produces a very dense, fresh and unique sound that’s thrilling and most entertaining. Jeremy Enigk’s vocals are fragile and soft as a breath and get anchored by his dynamic guitar riffs and the earthy rythm section of William Goldsmith on drums and Nate Mendel on bass guitar.

„The Fire Theft” is like a caleidoscope. Two of the thirteen songs and the latter half of the lenghty last track are improvisation-like „colour washing”, but the rest of the tunes are shining little gems with constantly changing rythms and harmonies. Song structures are complex and versatile without being too sophisticated. Vocals, electric guitar, keys, bass guitar and drums are perfectly produced and arranged, synths and orchestra are used very carefully.  The mood of this album melts the light and easy feeling of a carefree summer’s day with fear and uncertainty that dark clouds on the horizon might bring. The sound might remind you of bands like the early Yes.

For a first impression listen to „Oceans Apart” or „Chain”.

The extraordinary fourtimes fold cover is as nice and unusual as the music is.

Peter Eisenburger, 14th August 2005.


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